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September 2024 Tirumala Rooms Online Booking Release Dates TTD

Know the details about the September 2024 Tirumala Rooms Online Booking Release Dates TTD, Tirumala September 2024 Rooms Booking Online TTD

Rooms and accommodation are the major requirements for the pilgrims who come to the Tirumala temple. The pilgrims can book for the Rooms in Tirumala in two ways. One type of booking rooms in Tirumala is online booking and the other type of booking is offline booking. For the offline booking, the pilgrims have to come to the Tirumala temple CRO Office. THe CRO Office is the centralized office where the rooms are booked by the pilgrims who wanted to book the rooms at Tirumala. The pilgrims who booked the Rooms online also need to visit the CRO office for the booking confirmation. The pilgrims have to book the Tirumala temple rooms online for 3 months.

September 2024 Tirumala Rooms Online Booking Release Dates TTD

For the month of September 2024, the rooms will be released before 3 months of the date. This means the rooms for the month of September 2024 will be released in the month of June 2024. The dates for the release of the rooms in the month of June will be between 26-28 September 2024. The pilgrims can come to the temple office and can also book the rooms on the spot but it will be in heavy demand.

Click Here to Book for the Rooms September 2024 Online in Tirumala.

  • The pilgrims have to first visit the Tirumala temple website and need to book for the rooms. The rooms can be booked using the mobile number and the OTP.
  • Once the rooms are booked, the pilgrims need to make sure they get the print out the rooms confirmation acknowledgement. Once the pilgrims reach the Tirumala, then the rooms will be allotted.
  • The pilgrims can reach the CRO Office and need to scan the copy of the transaction. Once the scanning is completed, the pilgrims will get the rooms allotment and the guest house name through SMS. Then the pilgrims can directly go to the rest house for the rooms.


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