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Shani Dosha Parihara Pooja Remedies Effects on Birth Chart

Know the details about the Shani Dosha Parihara Pooja Remedies Effects on Birth Chart, Shani Dosha Removal Pooja In Horoscope Process Cost

Shani Dosha is one of the Dosha which is created by Lord Shani when the planet is in a problematic position in astrology. When a person takes birth in life, he or she will be taking birth in the timing and also on the date. Based on this the person astrology and also the horoscope is decided. Once the horoscope is decided it cannot be changed for a lifetime in one’s birth. The pilgrims who wanted the horoscope written and also the dosha to be calculated can contact the astrologer and can see the dosha.

Shani Dosha Parihara Pooja Remedies Effects on Birth Chart

Dosha means the problem in someone’s life. The Dosha will be caused by all the planets in the astrology. So the Shani Dosha is caused by the Lord Shani for the Dosha. When Lord Shani is in a bad position then the pilgrims or the person will be having the Shani Dosha. The Shani Dosha can be easily removed by the pooja parihara to the person.

  • Sometimes, the pooja cannot remove the Shani Dosha but can be decreased by the pooja. Because of the pooja, the person will be having lesser dosha and the effects of the Lord Shani will be removed.
  • The person who wanted the Shani Dosha to be removed can contact the Astrologer for the Dosha parihara pooja. Once the Dosha parihara pooja is decided the person can perform the pooja and also parihara.
  • Normally, the pilgrims can do the Shani Dosha Pooja at the temple. Many Shiva temples will be having the Shani Dosha pooja for the pilgrims. The pilgrims can go to the temple and check for the parihara pooja availability and the cost for the same.
  • The process of the Shani Dosha is simple and can be finished in one day. The priest who performs the Shani Dosha pooja will intimate the person about the details of the Shani Dosha pooja.

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