Shani Jayanti 2023 Date And Time Pooja Tithi Procedure at Home

Know the details about the Shani Jayanti 2023 Date And Time Pooja Tithi Procedure at Home, Shani Jayanthi 2023 Date Timings Tithi Panchangam

Shani Jayanti is the birthday of Lord Shani. Lord Shani is the God who represents the planet in the Horoscope. The Saturn planet is denoted by Lord Shani. Shani is also one of the most powerful planets as per astrology and can cause a lot of Negative effects and also positive effects for people. This is the reason, that people with astrology and also horoscope issues will be doing a lot of pooja to Lord Shani. Lord Shani’s birthday is celebrated as the Shani Jayanti. This is an annual festival and will be celebrated year once mostly in the month of May. All the pilgrims who wanted to do pooja for Lord Shani can do the pooja on this day as this day is considered to most powerful day.

The pilgrims cannot perform the pooja of Lord Shani on Shani Jayanti at Home. The pilgrims must go to the temple where the pooja is performed for the Lord and should participate in the same.

Shani Jayanti 2023 Date And Time Pooja Tithi Procedure at Home

Shani Jayanti 2023 Date May 19, 2023

Shani Jayanti 2023 Timings: 01.45 AM to 08.30 PM

  • The pilgrims who want to perform the Shani Jayanti Pooja should first find the temple in which the pooja is performed on this day. Mostly Lord Shiva temple will be doing the Shani Jayanti pooja on this day
  • If the pilgrims approach the temple, the priests will be guided on the procedure and also the offering for the Lord on this day. The pilgrims can go to the temple on the Shani Jayanti and can participate in the pooja.
  • Most of the pilgrims will not do the pooja at home on this day. The whole procedure for the Shani Jayanti pooja is performed in the temple only.

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