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Shree Annapurna Temple Indore Bhojnalaya Timings Daily Menu

Know the details about the Shree Annapurna Temple Indore Bhojnalaya Timings Daily Menu, Shree Annapurna Temple Indore Bhojnalaya Location

Feast for the Soul: Shree Annapurna Temple Indore’s Bhojnalaya

At the heart of Indore’s spiritual life lies the Shree Annapurna Temple, a place not just of divine worship but also of communal gathering and nourishment. Integral to this experience is the temple’s Bhojnalaya, a dining hall that offers visitors a chance to partake in prasad (holy food) that’s as nourishing for the body as it is for the soul. Here’s everything you need to know about dining at this sacred spot.

Shree Annapurna Temple Indore Bhojnalaya Timings Daily Menu

About Shree Annapurna Temple’s Bhojnalaya

Shree Annapurna Temple’s Bhojnalaya operates on the principle of serving food that is fresh, vegetarian, and infused with a sense of devotion. It stands as a testament to the Indian tradition of Annadanam, the practice of offering food to ensure that no one leaves the temple premises hungry. The Bhojnalaya is an extension of the temple’s hospitality, welcoming everyone with open arms and free meals.


Set within the precincts of the Shree Annapurna Temple in Indore, the Bhojnalaya is easily accessible for visitors coming to seek blessings at the temple. It’s situated in a space designed to accommodate large numbers of devotees, ensuring that everyone gets a chance to enjoy a meal.


The Bhojnalaya operates around the main pooja (prayer) schedules of the temple, typically opening post the morning aarti and staying open until the early evening hours. Exact timings can vary, so it’s advised to check with the temple schedule during your visit.


The menu at the Bhojnalaya is a delightful spread of vegetarian dishes, prepared in a clean and hygienic environment. Meals usually comprise simple, wholesome Indian foods like dal (lentils), sabzi (vegetable curry), roti (flatbread), and rice. The food served is satvik, meaning it’s made without onions or garlic, adhering to the principles of purity and simplicity.

Things to Know Before You Visit

  • No Cost for Meals: The Bhojnalaya serves food free of cost, embodying the spirit of charity and community service.
  • Be Prepared to Wait: Given its popularity and the temple’s busy schedule, there might be waiting times, especially during festivals and weekends.
  • Modest Dress Code: As with any religious site, it’s advisable to dress modestly out of respect for the temple’s traditions.
  • Seating Arrangements: Traditionally, meals are served on the floor, with patrons sitting in rows. This may vary based on the current arrangements made by the temple authorities.


Is there a charge for eating at the Bhojnalaya? No, meals served at the Bhojnalaya are free, reflecting the temple’s commitment to feeding everyone who visits.

Can anyone eat at the Bhojnalaya? Yes, the Bhojnalaya is open to all, regardless of faith, nationality, or social status.

Are there any specific meal times I should be aware of? Meal times are typically linked to the temple’s pooja schedule. It’s best to visit post-morning aarti or in the afternoon.

What kind of food can I expect? Expect simple, satvik, vegetarian meals that are fulfilling and made with care.

Do I need to follow any specific etiquette while eating? Basic etiquette involves washing hands before and after meals, consuming food quietly and respectfully, and not wasting food.

Venturing into Shree Annapurna Temple’s Bhojnalaya is not just about satiating hunger; it’s an act of communion, where every morsel served and consumed deepens one’s sense of belonging and spirituality. In this humble dining hall, devotees find not just bodily sustenance but also a taste of divine grace, making it a must-visit for anyone traveling to Indore.

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