Skandagiri Subramanya Temple Kalyanam Timings Online Booking

Know the latest news about the Skandagiri Subramanya Temple Kalyanam Timings Online Booking, Skandagiri Kalyanothsavam Seva Online Cost

Skandagiri Subramanya Swamy temple in Hyderabad is the most famous temple for the pilgrims of the Lord Subramanya. The pilgrims from Hyderabad and also Secunderabad and nearby surroundings will be coming to the temple for the blessings of the Lord. Most of the pilgrims who come to Skandagiri will be coming to the temple to perform the seva or the Arjitha Seva. The pilgrims will be mostly booking online for the seva of the temple

Most of the pilgrims come to the temple to perform the Kalyanam Seva at the Skandagiri temple. The Kalyanam Seva will be performed at the temple every day. The pilgrims who want to participate in the Skandagiri Kalayanam can book for the seva online.

Skandagiri Subramanya Temple Kalyanam Timings Online Booking

  • Skandagiri Subramanya Swamy is most famous for the Kalyanam seva which happens regularly at the temple
  • The Kalyanam timings for the Skanadagiri Subramanya Swamy temple is morning 10 AM. Sometimes the timings will be changed due to festivals or special occasion
  • The pilgrims have to check with the temple once before booking for the Kalayanam. The best way to book the Kalyanam is to go to the temple and then book for the seva offline. The pilgrims need to confirm and pay for the seva on the spot itself in the temple
  • Then the pilgrims can go to the temple on Kalyanam day and participate in the seva. The pilgrims need to make sure, they are traditional clothes. The pilgrims need not get any items and all the items will be provided by the temple
  • Two pilgrims are allowed to the Kalyanam on one ticket. Once the Kalyanam is completed the pilgrims will be provided with the prasadam and then will be allowed for Darshan

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