Somnath Temple Morning Aarti Timings Daily Evening Booking Cost

Know the latest details about the Somnath Temple Morning Aarti Timings Daily Evening Booking Cost, Somnath Temple Today Aarti Timings Booking

Somnath Temple is one of the most important Jyothirlinga in the country. Every year lakhs of pilgrims will be coming for the Darshan of the Somnath Temple and also participate in the pooja and seva in the temple. The temple will performing many types of seva and pooja on the temple. One of the most important poojas which a pilgrim wanted to attend in the Somnath Temple is the daily aarti. Aarti is the pooja which is performed to the Lord using the camphor and lighting the same. This is the best experience the pilgrims can have in the temple.

Somnath Temple Morning Aarti Timings Daily Evening Booking Cost

Morning Aarti Timings 7:00 AM

Afternoon Aarti Timings: 12.00 PM

Evening Aarti Timings: 07.00 PM

  • The aarti pooja in the Somnath Temple is performed three times in a day in the Somnath Temple. One aarti which will be in the morning, and others will be afternoon and evening respectively.
  • The pilgrims can come to the temple directly and can book for the Somnath Temple aarti at the ticket counter. The ticket booking process for the Somnath Temple aarti is very simple.
  • First, the pilgrims have to reach the temple ticket counter. Then the pilgrims need to enquire about the availability of the aarti tickets. The pilgrims should come to the ticket counters at least 1-2 hours before the aarti timings. Then, if the aarti tickets are available, the pilgrims will be provided with the tickets.
  • The pilgrims should pay the ticket cost of the aarti and then book the ticket. The pilgrims can then proceed to the main temple and participate in the aarti.
  • For the evening aarti, the pilgrims may need to reserve the tickets before themselves because of the heavy crowd. If the crowd is less then the pilgrims need not to reserve for any tickets online or offline.

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