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Sravana Masam Muhurtham Dates 2022 Marriage Gruhapravesam

Know the latest details about the Sravana Masam Muhurtham Dates 2022 Marriage Gruhapravesam, Sravana Masam Telugu Calender 2022 Panchangam

Like the English calendar, the Telugu calendar also has 12 months. Sravana Masam is the fifth month as per the Telugu calendar. Every month will be having some good dates for the good functions like Marriages, Engagements, House Warming, Office openings and many more. These dates are called the Muhurtham dates as per the Telugu traditions. These muhurtham dates mean these dates are the best dates for the good functions. Hence they have a special place in the panchangam

The new year for the Telugu people starts from the Ugadi date of any year and will continue to the next Ugadi date. So for Telugu people, the year is from Ugadi to Ugadi. This one year will be having panchangam for each day and month. The muhurtham dates for the Sravana Masam as per the Telugu panchangam is as below

Sravana Masam Muhurtham Dates 2022 Marriage Gruhapravesam

Below are the Muhurtham Dates for the Sravana Masam for the year 2022. These dates can be used for any of the good functions and the timings can be used for the purpose of any functions

Jul 202230 July9.05 pm
August 20224 August8.24 am
August 20226 August1.21 am
August 20227 August8.12 am
August 202211 August9.01 pm
August 202212 August8.14 pm

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  • The above dates can be sued for any functions in the Sravana Masam. But for marriages, the people have to consult the astrologer before the marriage dates fixing
  • The Sravana Masam marriage dates are fixed for the couples based on the astrology and also the birth chart. So for some people, the Sravana Masam will not be a good month for marriage. For some people, the Sravana Masam will be good for the marriage
  • This can be decided by the astrologer for the particular month or date which is best for the marriages in the Sravana Masam



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