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Srikalahasti Temple Free Rooms Dharmashala Online Booking

Know the details about the Srikalahasti Temple Free Rooms Dharmashala Online Booking, Srikalahasti Lord Shiva Temple Free Rooms Location

The pilgrims who come to the Srikalahasti will be coming to perform the Special Pooja in the temple. Most of the pooja in the Srikalahasti is a long time taking and sometimes, the pooja will take even multiple days. So the pilgrims use to stay near the temple to perform the pooja. Also, some people specifically come to the Srikalahasti temple to stay at the temple. This is because when the pilgrims finish any pooja or any other work at home then it is good for the pilgrims to check for the temple and have Darshan. After the Darshan is completed, the pilgrims can stay at the temple. There are a lot of private rooms in the Srikalahasti temple for the pilgrims. The Srikalahasti temple has the Dharmashala for pilgrims.

Srikalahasti Temple Free Rooms Dharmashala Online Booking

Dharmashala means the pilgrims can stay here in the Free rooms. This means the pilgrims need not pay anything for the rooms. The Free are available in the Srikalahasti also. But the rooms will have very less and basic facilities for the pilgrims to stay. The Dharmashala rooms also are now collecting some minimum amount for the pilgrims to stay here.

  • The Srikalahasti¬† Temple Dharmashala Rooms are not available for online booking. The pilgrims cannot book these rooms online at the website or else cannot call and book the rooms.
  • The rooms at the Srikalahasti temple Free ones, will be provided only for the pilgrims who come to the temple. Once the pilgrims come to the temple they have the reach the Dharmashala personally.
  • Then only rooms will be provided for the pilgrims. The Location of the Srikalahasti temple Dharmashala is easy to find and is located just beside the main temple and is just 5 minute’s walk from the temple.

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