Srikalahasti VIP Darshan Online Booking Ticket Cost Timings

Know the details about the Srikalahasti VIP Darshan Online Booking Ticket Cost Timings, Srikalahasti Temple VIP Darshan Process Tickets Online

Srikalahasti  Temple is the abode of the Lord Shiva. Every year, lakhs of pilgrims will be coming for the Darshan of the Srikalahasti temple Lod Shiva. The temple will be having huge pilgrims during the seasons and also during the special days. The pilgrims can come to the temple and book for the Darshan. The Srikalahasti temple also will perform many types of seva for the Lord which the pilgrims can participate in. The seva and special pooja are mostly related to astrology and also dosha in the horoscope. The pilgrims however can also book for the darshan and the seva in the temple online. The AP Government provides official booking for the Srikalahasti Darshan.

The pilgrims who fall into the VIP Category can book VIP Darhsan tickets in the Srikalahasti temple. VIP Darshan means the pilgrims will be able to complete the Darshan faster and also special pooja will be provided for the pilgrims who are VIP. The pilgrims can book VIP Darshan tickets at the temple and also can book the tickets online at the temple’s official website.

Srikalahasti VIP Darshan Online Booking Ticket Cost Timings

  • Srikalahasti VIP Darshan Ticket Cost: Rs 1000/-
  • Srikalahasti VIP Darshan Timings: Daily from morning 09.00 AM
  • The pilgrims who wanted the Srikalahasti temple VIP Darshan need to first come to the temple. The pilgrims can check with the temple office or the temple ticket counter for the availability of VIP Darshan tickets.
  • If the Srikalahasti VIP Darshan tickets are available, then the pilgrims can book for the VIP Darshan. Sometimes, the temple restricts the VIP Darshan only for the pilgrims who fall into this category.
  • During normal times, even the pilgrims who are common can also book VIP Darshan tickets at the Srikalahasti temple.

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