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Srisailam Temple Timings Online Ticket Booking

Srisailam Temple Timings Online Ticket Booking as below will provide very detailed information about Srisailam Temple and how can pilgrims can visit the temple. The temple of Srisailam which is located in the midst of Nallamala hills has been a very important spiritual destination. Srisailam Temple is one of the Dwadasa Jyothir lingas and is very important Kshetra.

The lord here is Sri Mallikarjuna Swamy. Eveyr year lakshs of pilgrims visit the Srisailam temple and will have the Darshan of the Lord. The temple also oversees huge surge in pilgrims during the festive seasons. Government and also the temple authorities takes the welfare of the temple and the pilgrims very importantly.

Srisailam Temple Timings

Srisailam temple is opened daily from 04.00 AM to 10.00 PM. The Schedule Timings of the Srisailam temple is available as below

Friday 4am–10pm
Saturday 4am–10pm
Sunday 4am–9pm
Monday 3:30am–11pm
Tuesday 4am–10pm
Wednesday 4am–10pm
Thursday 4am–10pm

Srisailam Temple Darshan Online Ticket Booking

The pilgrims who want to visit the temple can book for may tickets types. There are Free Darshan tickets available. Along with the Free Darshan, Special Darshan and also Darshan after any Seva is available. Pilgrims can book for the Darshan or else they can book for the Seva and once the pilgrims finishes the Seva, the pilgrims are allowed for the Darshan.

Pilgrims can book for the Srisailam temple either from the the online or else offline. Pilgrims if want to book for the Darshan and ticket online can from the below link.

Click here to Book Srisailam Temple Timings Online Ticket Booking

Alternatively, pilgrims can book for tickets offline at the temple. But these tickets are mostly available based on first come furst seve basis. The temple counter will have all the tickets for all types of Darshan and also seva every day. Pilgrims can make sure, they can book online or else book offline. But the tickets every day at the temple is limited number only.




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