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Talakona Rooms Booking TTD Online Accommodation Location Rent

Know the details about the Talakona Rooms Booking TTD Online Accommodation Location Rent, Tirumala Talakona Rooms Booking Online Room Booking

TTD Tempe has built many rooms for the pilgrims in rest houses around the country. The pilgrims can book the rooms online or offline for the Tirumala temple. The rest houses are available for normal booking online. The pilgrims can book the rooms in three places Online. Rooms can be booked for Tirumala, Tirupati and Talakona Online. Online booking is available monthly once for the pilgrims. The booking can be done for 1 month before 90 days. The Talakona rooms for the TTD are located in the Talakona temple which is available near the Tirupati city. The pilgrims can book online and do the online payment by following the below steps.

Please note, the pilgrims can book rooms in the Talakona only. Rooms once booked in Tirumala Talakona cannot be transferred to the rooms in Tirupati or Tirumala. If the pilgrims book the rooms in Talakona, then they can stay in Talakona only. So while booking the rooms online the pilgrims have to be very careful.

Talakona Rooms Booking TTD Online Accommodation Location Rent

  • For the Talakona booking, first, the pilgrims have to make sure they register online temple website using their mobile number and OTP.
  • Once the pilgrims register for the profile, then the pilgrims need to wait for the dates when the rooms will be released online. Then the pilgrims can check the TTD mobile app or the Tirumala official website for the release dates of the rooms.
  • When the rooms are released the pilgrims can go to the website and then click on the Talakona option in the drop-down. Then the pilgrims can select the dates and the number of pilgrims for the rooms. Each pilgrim can book for one room only.
  • The pilgrims need to finish the payment along with the rent and deposit of the Rooms in Talakona. With this the process of rooms booking in Talakona is completed

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