Thai Masam 2024 Muhurtham Dates Valpirai Tamil Calendar Timings

Know the details about the Thai Masam 2024 Muhurtham Dates Valpirai Tamil Calendar Timings, 2024 Thai Masam Valpirai Muhurtham Dates Tamilnadu

Thai Masam is the first month as per the English Calendar in Tamilnadu. The Thai Masam is one of the most important months for the Tamil people. The Thai Masam is considered the month of the festival. As most of the festivals in the Tamilnadu state will be occurring in the Thai Masam, the pilgrims will be considering this month as one of the good months. Normally, the Thai Masam is also one of the good months for the spiritual activities in the temple. The pilgrims who wanted to do spiritual activities and also religious travel could do it in the Thai Masam. Also, the temples will be doing all the pooja and initiations in the Thai Masam. The Thai Masam is also considered a good month for marriages and also for other functions. But the pilgrims have to remember that the Thai Masam Muhurtham dates can be considered after the Pongal only.

Thai Masam 2024 Muhurtham Dates Valpirai Tamil Calendar Timings

Thai Masam Muhurtham dates for the year 2024 are as below. Please note, that these are good dates for any functions. If the pilgrims wanted to do the pooja or the event could do on these days.

  • 21 January 2024
  • 23 January 2024
  • 25 January 2024

Please note, that these Muhurtham dates can also be used for marriages. However, the pilgrims need to consult the astrologer before booking for the Thai Masam Muhurtham dates as above. The Marriage dates will be decided based on the pilgrim’s astrologer and also horoscope. So event if the date is good, the pilgrims will be deciding the dates as per the astrology.

The marriage can be done in the Thai Masam if the date matches both the pilgrim’s horoscope and also astrology.

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