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Thiruvannamalai Temple Accommodation Online Booking

Thiruvannamalai which is also known as Arunachalam is an important shivite kshetra which is visited by lakhs of pilgrims every years. People who visit the temple in Thiruvannamalai will be mostly looking for the temple accommodation. Know more details of the Thiruvannamalai Temple Accommodation Online Booking as below

Thiruvannamalai Temple Accommodation Online Booking

Pilgrims visiting the Thiruvannamalai temple mostly will be looking for temple accommodation only. But unfortunately Thiruvannamalai temple dont have temple accommodation, so pilgrims has two best options to stay. These options are the sagest options in Thiruvannamalai. Especially for foreigners visiting the Tiruvannamalai temple, these are safest options

  1. Choosing well renowned Ashramam and booking their accommodation (Ramanashramam is the best)
  2. Choosing best hotels in the location like Star hotel (Hotel Athena is the best and in budget)

Ramanashramam has safest stay and also it will be in the budget of the pilgrims only. But mostly the rooms in the Raman ashramam will be booked well in advance and will not be available. So it is highly suggested to the pilgrims to book for the accommodation well before like 2-3 months. Sometime for peak seasons or during the festival season the rooms will be closed here for VIP only.

The second best option is choosing a best hotel for accommodation. Many people face a lot of nightmare by selecting the hotels or resorts for the accommodation. But to be on safer side, it is not all suggested to book rooms near the bus stand or resorts. The best option as per us is the Hotel Athena which is located in the Chengam road.

Hotel Athena in Tiruvannamalai has best accommodation with home like food and amazing hospitality. Even though it is little bit outer skirts, you can feel the safety in the premises. The rooms cost are in best budget compared to any other hotel or resorts near by. There are other options as well like Hotel Arpana, Hotel Akash which are best in the location for best accommodation in Tiruvannamalai.




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