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Tiruchanur 2022 Padmavathi Temple Brahmotsavam Dates Timings

Know the details about the Tiruchanur 2022 Padmavathi Temple Brahmotsavam Dates Timings, Tiruchanoor Temple Karthika Brahmotsavam Vahanam Schedule

The temple of Tiruchanur will be celebrating the Brahmotsavam every year. The Brahmotsvam at the temple is mostly celebrated in the month of Karthika Masam. This is the reason, this Brahmotsvams is called the Tiruchanur Karthika Brahmotsvam. Every year lakhs of pilgrims will be coming to the Tiruchanur Brahmotsavams. The festival is conducted in the temple in a grand manner. The Brahmotsavam in Tiruchannor starts with the Dwajarohanam and ends with the Panchami Theertham on the final day.

The final day is the major festival on which lakhs of pilgrims will be coming to the Brahmotsavam. During the Tiruchanur Brahmotsavam, the Utsavam Idol will be taken as a procession in the temple Mada streets every day. Each day the Lord is taken as the Procession on a different type of the Vahanam. The dates and the Vahanam timings of the different dates is as provided below

Tiruchanur 2022 Padmavathi Temple Brahmotsavam Dates Timings

The Tiruchanur 2022 Brahmotsavam officially starts on 19 November 2022

  • November 19 2022: Lakshakukumarchana (Morning), Senapathi Ustavam & Ankurarpana (Evening)
  • November 29 2022: Pushpa Yagam
DateMorning SevaEvening Seva
20 November 2022DwajarohanamChinna Sesha Vahanam
21 November 2022Pedda Sesha VahanamHamsa Vahanam
22 November 2022Muthupandiri VahanamSimha Vahanam
23 November 2022Kalpa Vriksha VahanamHanuman Vahanam
24 November 2022Pallaki Utsavam, Vasanthotsavam (evening)Gaja Vahanam
25 November 2022Sarva Bhoopala VahanamGolden Chariot, Garuda Vahan Seva
26 November 2022Surya Prabha VahanamChandra Prabha Vahanam
27 November 2022RathostavamAshwa Vahanam
28 November 2022Chakra Snanam, Panchami TheerthamDwaja Avarohanam
  • The pilgrims need not to book for the Brahmotsavam separately. The pilgrims can reach the Mada streets galleries during the Bahanam timings and can watch the Procession.
  • But for the Darshan of the lord inside the temple, the pilgrims must book for the Darshan. Most of the Special Darshan will be cancelled during this time
  • The pilgrims can book for the Normal Darshan or the seva on the TTD online website. The pilgrims can also directly avail the Free Darshan.

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