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Tirumala Deer Park Reserve Location Timings Ticket Cost Reviews

Know the details about the Tirumala Deer Park Reserve Location Timings Ticket Cost Reviews, Tirumala Temple Deer Park for Children Location

Tirumala temple is located in the midst of the amazing Seshachalam Forest. Every year many people will be coming to the Tirumala temple for the Darshan of the Lord Venkateswara. Most of the pilgrims come to Tirumala temple and then will be going to many places in Tirumala. There are many number of visiting places in the Tirumala temple and also near by. The pilgrims can go to these visiting places using vehicles and some places have to be reached by walking only. The Tirumala temple itself seems to be located in the middle of all these visiting places in Tirumala.

The Seshachalam forest is also home to many types of Fauna. The most important animals in the forest is the deers and also the Leopard. The pilgrims can come to the S V Zoo Park in Tirupati can see all these animals. Apart from this, the TTD authorities have setup a huge Deer Park in the Seshachalam forest for the pilgrims.

Tirumala Deer Park Reserve Location Timings Ticket Cost Reviews

  • The Deer Park in Tirumala is not established as a tourist attraction. Instead, the Deer Park is established for the deers as a safe haven. The TTD arranged and established this deer park year back.
  • Tirumala Deer Park Reserve Timings is from morning 06.00 AM – 08.00 PM
  • The pilgrims can see many types of deer held in this Deer Park reserve. This is the reserve only for the deer. The pilgrims who go to the Tirumala temple by walk can easily locate the location of the deer park reserve after the Mokali mettu.
  • The pilgrims who come from Tirumala to Tirupati can locate the deer park after passing the Anjaneya Swami temple in the Ghat road. The piglrims use the google maps for the exact location.
  • There is no ticket cost for the Deer Park. The pilgrims can watch the deers free of cost with a fencing in the middle. The Reviews are generally good for the Deer Park in Tirumala.

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