Tirumala Footpath Alipiri Steps Opening Timings Today

Tirumala Footpath Alipiri Steps Opening Timings Today provides you the information as below. Alipiri is the starting point in Tirupati from where the footpath to walk to Tirumala starts. The alipiri is located at the entrance of the Tirumala Ghat road and at the end of the Tirupati City. Know more details of the Alipiri Footpath as below.

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Tirumala Footpath Alipiri Steps Opening Timings Today

Before COVID the Alipiri steps are opened 24 hours daily. But after COVID the timings keeps on changing. But a thumb rule, the pilgrims can take the timings of the Alipiri Footpath as 06.00 AM – 06.00 PM.

The footpath remains open during all days. Pilgrims need to follow certain rules if pilgrims want to have the Darshan in Tirumala.

  • The Alipiri Footpath is located at the entrance of the Ghat roads in Tirumala
  • Pilgrims can reach here through free buses from the Bus stand and Railway Station.
  • After COVID, pilgrims need to have Vaccination reports and also the Booked Darshan tickets for the Tirumala. Sometimes, the Footpath Tickets / Walking Tickets or Divya Darshan will be provided and sometime it will not be provided. Pilgrims has follow the news updates from Tirumala for details.
  • The total time take for an average pilgrim to climb the steps in around 4 hours. For some pilgrims it will be more. The total kilometers to reach Tirumala through Alipiri is 9 kilometers.
  • Once pilgrims reach Galigopuram, the climbing will be comparatively easy.
  • The total number of steps from Alipiri to Tirumala is approximately 4300 steps. Pilgrims can visit number of temples on the way to Tirumala from the Alipiri
  • TTD has arranged many facilities like drinking water, shades and other refreshments through out the path. There are number of shops located on the way which provides food and other goods to pilgrims.
  • Pilgrims has to check if the Divya Darshan is opened or not. If the Divya Darshan is not opened then pilgrims must book any Dashan ticket online.

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