Tirumala Free Dharamshala Rooms Online Booking Near Temple

Know the latest details about the Tirumala Free Dharamshala Rooms Online Booking Near Temple, Tirupati Dharamshala Dormitory Booking

Most of the pilgrims who come to Tirumala temple for the Blessings of Lord Balaji prefer to stay on the temple premises for a night. For most people staying in Tirumala is a sentiment. This is the reason, the temple authorities have taken the initiative to build a number of rest houses for the pilgrims who visit the Tirumala temple. All of these rest houses which the temple has built has lakhs of rooms and can accommodate many number of pilgrims per day

These rooms for the rest houses are built on the basis of online booking. This means, the temple will be releasing the online quota for the rooms and the pilgrims have to book online for the dates which they want. The temple also reserves some of the rooms for on spot booking. Means the pilgrims who come to Tirumala without any room booking can book it after coming to Tirumala

Tirumala Free Dharamshala Rooms Online Booking Near Temple

  • Befoe some years, the TTD use to provide the Free Dharamshala stay for the pilgrims. But now the Dharamshala is not available from the temple
  • But some of the Mutts which is available in Tirupati and Tirumala has taken an initiative to arrange Free Dharamshala and rooms stay for the pilgrims
  • Most of these Dharamshala rooms are dormitories with common washrooms. The pilgrims can contact the Mutts in the Tirumala and Tirupati for the Dharamshala booking. The Dharamshala rooms don’t have any online booking for now.
  • Each Dharamshala providing mutts has phone numbers through which the pilgrims can contact the Mutts for the Dharamshala Booking
  • The amenities in the Dharamshala will be basic only. The pilgrims can provide an nominal pay for the Dharamshala stay in Tirumala near the temple

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