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Tirumala Guest House Phone Numbers List TTD Contact Booking

Know the details about the Tirumala Guest House Phone Numbers List TTD Contact Booking, TTD Guest Houses Phone Numbers List Enquiry Numbers

Tirumala Temple authorities TTD has constructed many of the rest houses in Tirumala. These rest houses help the pilgrims to stay in Tirumala and near the temple. The pilgrims can book for the rest houses online or offline. There are a many number of rest houses in Tirumala which can accommodate thousands of pilgrims per day. For offline booking the pilgrims can go to the CRO office after coming to Tirumala temple and can book for the rooms.

The rooms will be allotted to the pilgrims based on the availability of the rooms. The pilgrims cannot select the rest house and where to stay an can stay at the rest house which is available only

Tirumala Guest House Phone Numbers List TTD Contact Booking

  • The pilgrims can follow the below list for the Rest Houses in Tirumala. The pilgrims cannot book any rooms in Tirumala by calling the phone numbers.
  • The TTD has a centralised phone number to address the issues about the room booking. The pilgrims can call the 0877 226 3922  number for issues about the rooms booking
  • The TTD has divided the rooms and also the rest houses based on the categories. There are cottages, rest houses and also suites in Tirumala which can suit the pilgrim’s needs.
  • The pilgrims can also get recommendation letters to book the Tirumala temple Rooms. The list of some rest houses in Tirumala is as below

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Ampro Guest House (A/C)
Bela Kuteeram A/C ( 6 suites)
Gayathri Sadan A/C
Godavari Sadan A/C( 3 suites)
Gumble Guest House A/C ( 4 suites )
Gokulam Guest House A/C ( 4 suites )
Hari Sadan Guest House A/C (7 suites)
Hill View
Indira Guest House A/C( 4 suites )
Jagannadha Bhavan ( 4 suites )
Karam Nivas
Lakshmi Nilayam A/C (3 suites)
Modi Bhavan ( 8 suites)
RajyaLakshmi Guest House A/C
SP Guest House (Main)
Santhi Sadan A/C (7 suites)
Snehalatha Sadan A/C
Srinikethan A/C ( 3 suites )
Srinivasa Nilayam A/C
Venkata Vijayam Guest House A/C
Vidya Sadan
Anjanadri Nagar Cottages
Garudadri Nagar Cottages
Hill View Cottages (Ordinary)
Mangala Bavi Cottages
Ram Bagicha Guest House – I
Ram Bagicha Guest House – II
Ram Bagicha Guest House – III
Sanku Mitta Cottages
Seshadri Nagar Cottages
TB Cottages
Alwar Tank Cottage No. 99
Sanku Mitta Cottages (10 cottages)
SRM Kalyana Mandapam Can be hired from 1500 hrs, for a period of one day.
Travellers Bungalow Cottages (5 cottages)
Sri Venkateswara Guest House
Special Type Cottage A/C No-5
TBC (Travellers Bungalow Cottages) A/C (13 nos.)
Narayanagiri Guest House – I
Narayanagiri Guest House – II
Narayanagiri Guest House – III
Srivari Kuteer Guest House (A/C)
Surapuram Thota Cottages
Alwar Tank Cottages
Valley View Cottages




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