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Tirumala Head Tonsure Kalyana Katta Guide

Tirumala Head Tonsure Kalyana Katta Guide

Hear Tonsure / Hair Offering / Head Shave in Tirumala is a very important offering in Tirumala to Lord Sri Venkateswara. The head shave in Tirumala is considered as one of the mail four rituals performed in dedication Lord Sri Venkateswara by  devotee. Every year lakhs of devotees offers their hair to the lord in Tirumala. For offering hair in Tirumala, TTD has made several arrangements and the place where pilgrims fulfill their vows of tonsure is called “Kalyanakatta”.

Story of Hair Offering in Tirumala

As per legend, when Lord Venkateswara was hit on his head by a shepherd, a small portion of his scalp became bald. This was noticed by Neela Devi, a Gandharva princess. She felt “such an attractive face should not have a flaw”. Immediately, she cut a portion of her hair and, with her magical power, implanted it on his scalp. Lord Venkateswara noticed her sacrifice. As hair is a beautiful asset of the female form, he promised her that all his devotees who come to his abode would offer their hair to him, and she would be the recipient of all the hair received. Hence, it is believed that hair offered by the devotees is accepted by Neela Devi. The hill, Neeladri, one of the seven hills, is named after her.

Cost of Head Shave in Tirumala

Devotees can Offer their hair free of cost in Tirumala Kalyanakatta. The employees of Kalyana Katta are maintained by the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam.  Other than Kalyakatta, any other place pilgrims has to Pay Rs. 10/- for tonsuring

Kalyanakatta Locations and Timings in Tirumala

The Main Kalyanakatta building, which is located near PAC 3, is equipped with two big Tonsure halls and two side balcony Tonsure Halls with platforms to sit with well-organised queue system. A computerized system is in place to issue tokens for tonsure.

For Location of Main Kalyana Katta Click Here

There are Kalyanakattas in P.A.C.-I, P.A.C.-II, Padmavathi Guest House and in addition to these and for the convenience of pilgrims public the following Mini Kalyanakattas are being maintained at Reception areas of the Guest houses in Tirumala.

Guest House Name Kalyanakatta Timings
ANC , SNGH, VSGH 03.00AM to 09.00PM

Head Tonsure in Tirupati

For the facility of pilgrims, TTD has built two Kalyanakattas at Sri Kapileswara Swamy Temple, Tirupati and at Sri Padmavathi Ammavari Temple, Tiruchanoor. The Tonsure here is done free of cost.




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