Today Tirumala Live Darshan Crowd Status

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  1. sai says:

    Hi we are planning to go through alpiri steps , by starting at 3:30 am on 31 march , How much time will take approxaimtely for darshan ? is it good time or should we need to change our plan ? should we take break after climbing steps or is it better directly go to darshan instead of taking a break of 2 hours

  2. Aruna says:

    Is food and water permissible inside the temple.since 4 to 5 hrs waiting period is there

  3. Sundar says:

    How much time take darshanam in today 11/04/18 or 12/04/18

  4. Admonish says:

    How long will it take for Special entry darshan on 22nd April

  5. Srinivasan says:

    How many hours it will take for sarvadarshan this Sunday 22/04/18

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