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Tirumala Navaneeta Seva

Tirumala Navaneeta Seva

The Tirumala Tirupati Devsasthanam authority TTD is preparing to launch a new seva which is called as Navaneeta Seva. The Navaneeta Seva to which guidelines are yet to be released will be launched by this month and post that pilgrims will be allowed to participate in the seva. But as of now, this Navaneeta Seva will be allowed for only employees as of now, to complete a trial run. Once this trial run is completed the Navaneeta Seva will be put in to effective as soon as possible based on the inputs from the employees

Navaneeta Seva Booking Procedure

Even though the exact nature of the seva is not yet released, this Navaneeta Seva is mostly related to cow pooja and also workshopping cows as art of this seva. Once the seva is rolled out, the pilgrims will be come to know the exact nature of the seva. We need to wait for some more time to know need and nature of the seva. This seva will be available for booking to the pilgrims once the trial run is completed.

But this seva will be mostly devotees participating in the procurement of the milk from the cows which is held by TTD and then procuring the mil from the indigenous cows. This seva is introduced as a part of the protection of the indigenous cows and hence making sure, the pilgrims to participate in the Navaneeta Seva and also cow pooja specifically. However, Cow pooja plays a prominent role in worship of hinduism. It should be really appreciated to TTD for bringing up this seva.



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