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Tirumala Supadam Entrance Guide

Meaning of Tirumala Supadham Entry

Supadham Entrance is an special entry to Tirumala Que system for the pilgrim for the Darshan of Lord Sri Venkateswara. General Pilgrims are not allowed in to Supadham Entrance. Only Special Darshan or Seva Pilgrims only will be allowed through Supadham Entrance.

Supadam Entry Darshan Duration

When a pilgrim enters the que from the Supadham entry, the time of Darshan will be reduced to only 2-3 hours based on crowd and timings, Generally, the pilgrims who enters through Supadham Entry Darshan, will finish their Darshan in 2-3 hours.

Supadam Entry Tickets

Supadham will be opened for Seva Tickets holders, Senior Citizens, Differently Abled Pilgrims, Infants Darshan pilgrims. For NRI’s and other ticketed pilgrims, tickets will be issued at Supadham entrance itself.

Supadam Entry Timings

10.00 AM to 03.00 PM : Senior Citizens / Differently abled Pilgrims (Entrance near Tirumala Nambi Temple)

08.00 AM to 11.00 AM : Kalyanotsavam Ticket holders

11.00 AM to 12.00 PM : Unjal seva / Dolothsavam Ticket holders

12.00 PM to 06.00 PM : NRI, Infants with below one year children’s with parents / Donors  / Defense personnel (Army / Navy / Air Force) & TTD Employees.

02.00 PM to 6.30 PM : Arjitha Bramhostavam / Vasantostavam / Sahasra Deepalankara Seva / Seva Ticket holders

During peak seasons or festivals NRI, Infants, Donors & Defense persons & TTD Employees Darshan will be cancelled.

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  1. Hi good morning sir, i have baby girl 10 months age, i am planning for 27th Sep 2023.Is there available infant dharshan on 27th Sep 2023 !

  2. Hello Sir,

    We have a 11 month old daughter along with her 5 year old sibling. We are planning to perform our daughter’s first tonsuring tomorrow at Tirupathi. Is Supadhan entry available for tomorrow?

    I wanted to check since brahmotsavan is only commencing on 18th September.

    Many thanks in advance!

  3. Hello,
    I have a 10 month baby and 8 years old sibling with a senior citizen aged 68 years.
    Are we allowed through Supadam entrance?
    We are planning to come on Sept 4th, 2023 (Monday).
    Can we take the tickets directly at the entrance itself?

  4. HI. Sir… Supadam entry is available for senior citizen darshan on 28th August, if we come directly to tirupati without any online ticket booking

  5. Dear Sir / Madam ,
    We are NRI , travelling from dubai , please advise if we can come directly to supadham entrance and can we gent the entry I would be greatly oblique for your response

  6. Hi, Can my wife, myself and 6 months old baby opt for supadham darshan on october 9th 2023? or should we book ticket for special entry darshan

  7. Hi sir, we have booked 300/- special darshan and we have 1.3 months baby and 6 yrs boy can we avail supadham entry or not required as we already booked 300/- darshan ticket? Which entry is best in these two with kids. Please suggest.

  8. We would want to visit with our 3 months old baby. Do we need to make any prior booking or can we come directly with birth certificate and aadhar card copies of parents

  9. Sir we want to subadam darshan on 21 eve 6.30 .aadhar online booking which place sir near junction is possible for booking

  10. Hello ,
    Can i get the call center number , I am unable to connect , how can we check if the NRI tickets are avialable?

  11. Hi,

    We (Parents along with kids: Infant – 8 Months, Toddler – 3 Years) are planning our Tirumala darshan through Supadam on 21st July 2023. Is it available? Timings are 12PM – 6PM? Thanks for confirmation

  12. I have a baby of 15months. Is Supatham entry allowed?
    Can you let me know what is the age limit for Supatham entry?

  13. I am travelling to India from Australia on 30th Aug and visit Tirupathi on 3rd Sep. Can i avail NRI Darshan? Apologies i could not pre-book the tickets. Thanks!

  14. Hi !

    I am NRI live in Sweden, I am planning to visit Tirupati on 22nd July. I couldnt book advance ticket and dont see the availablity online. I am suffering from Cancer, is there any easy darshan facility which I can avail, could you please guide?

  15. Hell TTD Seva team,

    we are planning to Visit tirumala in July2023 along with our 4year old boy (2parents+1child of 4 year).
    we know that for a 4year old kid Supadam entry is not allowed on all days, but the information in website shows that Child below 5Year old (with parents) are allowed through Supadam Entry on LAST 2 WEDNERS DAYS of the month.

    Please clarify if can we use this facility either 19th or 26th of July?

    Thank you very much.
    Hoping for the positive reply.

  16. Hello – Is Supadham darshan available for NRI’s on 01/07/2023. We are NRI’s visiting India and the stamp date was in last 40 days.

  17. Hi Sir, I’ve 2 months baby and I’m planning to come on 29-Jun-23 for the darshan.

    Please confirm is SUPADAM is available for tomorrow 29-Jun-23.


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