Tirumala Temple Balalayam 2023 Dates Darshan Procedure TTD

Know the details about the Tirumala Temple Balalayam 2023 Dates Darshan Procedure TTD, Tirumala Temple Gold Plating Work Darshan 6 Months

Latest Update: 30/01/2023: TTD Postpones Gold plating work indefinitely till further notice. So, No Balalayam or Darshan Restrictions in below dates. The Pending Darshan Tickets for the below dates will be released Online soon.

The Tirumala temple is one fo the most ancient temples in India. The temple is visited by lakhs of pilgrims per day. The pilgrims who come to the temple will doing a lot of offerings. Also, the Tirumala temple one of the few temple which has the gold plating to the Gopuram of the temple. Every year, the pilgrims will be donating a lot of amounts to the Tirumala temple Hundi. With these donations the temple authorities will be doing a lot initiatives and also projects. The temple authorities has decided to do the constructions, repair and also the Gold plating of the Tirumala temple Gopuram

The process of doing repairs to the Gopuram is done every year. There is a rumour saying that the temple will be shut for the pilgrims for 6 months and the pilgrims are not allowed for the Darshan. Below are the complete details surrounding the Tirumala Temple Balalayam 2023 Dates Darshan Procedure TTD

Tirumala Temple Balalayam 2023 Dates Darshan Procedure TTD

  • For now, the TTD has confirmed, there will no shutting off the temple completely. But the pilgrims will be allowed in limited numbers for the Darshan.
  • The pilgrims can visit the Balalayam in the dates from the 22 February 2023 to 28 February 2023. There will not Arjitha seva or the Special Darhan in this dates
  • The TTD has not commented on how long this work will take and when the pilgrims will be allowed normally. But the pilgrims can visit the temple normally and can have the Darshan
  • There is no closing of the Tirumala temple as the Balalayam will be available in the temple. Some Arjitha seva might not be available in the temple due to rituals which is going on in the temple.
  • The pilgrims can get the Free Darshan for the Tirumala temple Darshan by following the normal procedure and can have the Darshan

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