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Tirumala Temple Bangaru Balli Golden Silver Lizard Location Visit

Know the details about the Tirumala Temple Bangaru Balli Golden Silver Lizard Location Visit, Tirumal Temple Lizard Touching Location Details

Tirumala temple is the home of many wonders. The temple itself is home to many types of visiting places and also other number inside the temple. The Bangaru Balli which is also called as the Golden Lizard and also Silver Lizard are a sculpture that is normally very famous in the Temple of Kanchi. But many pilgrims don’t know the details and also the location of the Bangaru Balli which is located in Tirumala Temple. The TTD has completely sealed off this area to the piglrims and the pilgrims cannot visit this place. The Bangaru Balli and also Vendi Balli sculptures are located inside the temple. The pilgrims can visit the Bangaru Balli after the Darshan is completed and also can touch the Bangaru Balli is possible and also allowed by the security. The location and also other details about the Bangaru Balli in the Tirumala temple is as below.

Tirumala Temple Bangaru Balli Golden Silver Lizard Location Visit

  • The Bangaru Balli in Tirumala temple is located in the Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple which is located inside the temple. Once the pilgrims finish the Darshan they can come to the temple pradakshina area.
  • In this area, the pilgrims can spot the Annamaya Bhandagaram. Just beside this the temple is located. The pilgrims has to carefully see the Bangaru Balli on the wall of the temple.
  • The pilgrims normally will not be allowed in this area except during the VIP Darshan timings. The pilgrims can book for the VIP Darshan in the Tirumala temple and can touch the Bangaru Balli.
  • The pilgrims can see two lizrd sculptures which is located on the pillar of the temple. This temple is also located just opposite to the Hundi which is located near beside the main temple.

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