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Tirumala Temple Closed on Solar Eclispe

Tirumala Temple Closed on Solar Eclipse

A Complete Solar eclipse is happening in this year of 2019 on the date of December 26 2019. Due to this solar eclipse as a temple tradition, the Tirumala temple will be completely closed on this day for a period of around 13 hours. All the Darshan and related activities will be halted on this day during this period. After the completion of the solar eclipse all the temple activities will be resumed again after performing the Suddi tradition.

Timings of the Solar Eclipse

The Solar eclipse which is happening this year happens on 26 December 2019. The timings of the complete solar eclipse will be from between 08.08 a.m. and 11.16 a.m. on this day. Although the solar eclipse is happening in these timings, the Tirumala temple will be closed as per the traditional Timings.

Tirumala Temple Solar Eclipse Date & Timings

The Tirumala temple will be closed before 9 hours of the eclipse and will be opened once the eclipse is completed. The Tirumala temple will be closed for Darshan at 11 p.m. on December 25 and will be reopened at 12 noon on the 26 December. After performing the Suddi and Punyavachanam which is post eclipse formalities, the Darshan will be as usually allowed from 2 PM.

Tirumala Temple Darshan on Solar Eclipse

On this Solar Eclipse day, the Darshan will be completely closed. All the Sevas, Tickets are halted. The temple remained closed for these 13 hours. No food will be provided for the pilgrims who are waiting in the que complexes during the Solar eclipse. And also, food will not be served at the TTD Annadanam as well. All activities related to the temple will be halted during these timings.



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