Tirumala Teppotsavam 2022 Dates

Tirumala Teppotsavam 2022 Dates as below provides the details about the festival which is happening in Tirumala. Tirumala Teppotsavam is a very important festival in Tirumala which happens every month in the month of March. In this Tirumala Teppotsavam, the Lord will be taken as procession in the Tirumala Koneru which is located just beside the temple of Tirumala. The pilgrims will be allowed publicly to view the Tirumala Teppotsavam. The pilgrims need not have any tickets or any booking to view the Tirumala Teppotsavam.

The pilgrims need to have either a Free Darshan ticket or a Social Darshan ticket to reach the Tirumala and to view the Tirumala Teppotsavam. The Tirumala Teppotsavam is generally considered as an important event in Tirumala and is almost equal to Tirumala Brahmotsavam. Similar to that festival for the Tirumala Teppotsavam also thousands of pilgrims will be attending to take part in the Tirumala Teppotsavam.

Tirumala Teppotsavam 2022 Dates

The Tirumala Teppotsavam for the year 2022 starts on March 13 2022.

The Tirumala Teppotsavam for the year 2022 ends on March 17 2022

The Tirumala Teppotsavam is a festival that will be happening for a complete 5 days and the dates for the year 2022 is as provided above. The TTD authorities have cancelled all the Ajitha Sva tickets for these 3 days and only pilgrims who have the Rs. 300 Darshan or else Free Darshan or Sarva Darshan will be allowed to Tirumala.

Now, the TTD is providing the Free Darshan tickets in Tirumala for the same day itself and the pilgrims can get the ticket tickets at the counters which is available in Tirupati on arrival. There is no online booking for the Free Darshan in Tirupati and hence the pilgrims can get the spot Darshan tickets.

After taking the Darshan tickets, the pilgrims can reach Tirumala either by bus or by walk through the alipri mettu and can participate in the Tirumala Teppotsavam 2022

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