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Tirumala TTD Brahmotsavam 2022 Darshan Ticket Booking Online

Know the latest details about the Tirumala TTD Brahmotsavam 2022 Darshan Ticket Booking Online, Tirupati Temple Navarathri Brahmotsavam Darshan

The stage is set for the annual Brahmotsavam of Tirumala Srivaru Temple. This year Brahmotsavam festival will be celebrated in Tirumala. Brahmotsavam will be held for nine days from September 27.

Brahmotsavam is held every year in Tirumala Kshetra which is surrounded by greenery. Every now and then some kind of procession will be held. Every day of the year is a festival in Tirumala. The Brahmotsavams held for nine days are very important in the history of Tirumala. It is said that in the first days of his stay in Venkatachala field, Lord Srinivasa called Lord Brahma and ordered him to organize glorious festivals for the welfare of the world. On the order of Lord Brahma, Srivaru held the festival for nine days to complete the Sravana Nakshatra in Kanyama, which appeared in the centre of Ananda Nilayam.

Tirumala TTD Brahmotsavam 2022 Darshan Ticket Booking Online

During the Brahmotsavam days, all the Special Darshan and Prevelige Darshan are cancelled. Only the pilgrims who have Free Darshan tickets will be allowed. The Free Darshan tickets cannot be booked online and the pilgrims have to book the tickets at Tirupati or Tirumala only.

The TTD has decided to make sure to provide better facilities for the common pilgrims. The pilgrims cannot book any Seva tickets as they are cancelled. For now, the Divya Darshan tickets are not available. VIP Darshan is provided to the pilgrims who are top people only. Below is the status of the different Darshan types available in Tirumala during the Brahmotsavam.

Tirumala Brahmotsavam Darshan Tickets
Free Darshan Available Offline
Special Darshan Not available
Seva Darshan Not available
Srivani Trust Donation Not available
VIPDarshan Available Offline

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