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Tirumala TTD Kalyanamasthu Online Booking Registration

Know the latest details about the Tirumala TTD Kalyanamasthu Online Booking Registration, Registration Procedure offline, Marriage Procedure

Tirumala temple authorities TTD will be reviving the Kalyanamasthu program for the benefit of the pilgrims. The Kalyanamasthu program is conducting mass marriages for the devotees who are economically backward. Under this program, the TTD will be conducting the marriages for the people who have registered on the Kalyanamasthu program. These mass marriages will be held either in Tirumala or in different places in the country. All the arrangements will be made by the TTD itself.

The devotees have to register themselves before the date of the marriage and come to the venue and get married. Below are the details about the Kalyanamasthu program which will be conducted for the devotees

Tirumala TTD Kalyanamasthu Online Booking Registration

  • As of now, Online Booking is not available for the Kalyanamasthu Program. The pilgrims have to register themselves offline only
  • For the Kalyanamasthu Program, all couples who are eligible have to register their names the at the MRO or RDO offices in their localities for all the districts in Andhra Pradesh
  • As of now, the program is conducted in Andra Pradesh for the devotees in the Andhra Pradesh States. The TTD is planning to expand the program throughout the country,
  • The pilgrims who have registered under this program will be getting the Mangalasutra in 2-gram gold and silver mettelu as a marriage gift
  • The pilgrims can contact the TTD officials or the specified local bodies for any details about the program. The Program is attended by many pilgrims because the pilgrims feel that they are getting married in the Presence of Lord Venkateswara itself.
  • After the marriage is completed the couple will be getting prasadam from the temple. The couples who are taking part in this ceremony must be Hindus and should meet all legal requirements for the marriages

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