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Tirumala TTD Kalyanotsavam Laddu Buy Online Weight Price Book

Know the latest details about the Tirumala TTD Kalyanotsavam Laddu Buy Online Weight Price Book, Tirumala Kalyanotsavam Purchase Booking

Tirumala laddu prasadam is an important takeaway for the pilgrims who visit the Tirumala temple. There are three types of Laddu which are provided in the Tirumala temple. One of them is the Kalyanotsavam laddu. This laddu is the largest laddu which is available in Tirumala. The Tirumala laddu is prepared inside the Tirumala temple in an area known as the potu. This is a specific place and also a kitchen which is dedicated to the prasdam preparation of the Lord Venkateswara for many years.

The laddu and also all the prasadam in Tirumala is prepared in potu only. There are employees who are dedicated to this work inside the temple. The temple will be getting all the ingredients to prepare the laddu from top quality. The pilgrims can get the laddu after visiting the temple and having the darshan. The laddu is not for sale and is also not available anywhere except outside the TTD temple.

Tirumala TTD Kalyanotsavam Laddu Buy Online Weight Price Book

  • Kalyanotsavam laddu is the most special laddu in the Tirumala temple. This Kalyanotsavam laddu is the largest compared to all the laddu types in Tirumala
  • This laddu weight will be more than 175 grams. The Kalyanotsavam laddu will be prepared with huge amounts of dry fruits and also a lot of other quality ingredients
  • Like the other laddus in Tirumala which the pilgrims can purchase from the Tirupati temple counters, the Kalyanotsavam laddu is not for sale. The Kalyanotsavam laddu will be provided for the pilgrims who have attended the Kalyanotsavam Seva only. This laddu is specifically prepared for the pilgrims who come for the Seva
  • Once the pilgrims who finish the Kalyanotsavam Seva can go to the temple counter and can get the Kalyanotsavam laddu from the counter. Please note, only one laddu is provided on one ticket and pilgrims cannot buy extra Kalyanotsavam laddu

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