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Tirumala TTD Virtual Seva Online Booking Process with Special Darshan

Know more details about the Tirumala TTD Virtual Seva Online Booking Process with Special Darshan, Online Booking Tirumala Virtual Darshan Online.

Lakhs of pilgrims will be visiting the Tirumala temple every day. After the COVID, the Tirumala temple authorities have brought up new initiatives for the sake of the pilgrims. The TTD authorities have made the Darshan process simple with the Virtual Darshan.

What is Tirumala Virtual Seva?

Tirumala temple will be having a lot sevas per day. Before the COVID the pilgrims used to come to Tirumala and then participate in the Seva physically. Pilgrims used to book for the Seva online and will be coming to Tirumala to perform the seva, after the Seva, the pilgrims were allowed to go for the Darshan through the Supadam.

Now, after the COVID, the TTD has changed the process. The seva will be relayed in live on the TTD TV Channels officially which is called SVBC. The pilgrims can book the seva whichever they want and they need not go for the seva physically. They need to fill in the details of gothram and other details during the booking.

The pilgrims will be allowed to book for the seva on a particular date. When pilgrims book for the seva, on this particular day, the Seva will be done on the name of the pilgrims. As the seva is happening virtually, the seva is called as the Virtual Seva.

Tirumala TTD Virtual Seva Online Booking Process with Special Darshan

Now, when pilgrims books for the Seva, they can book for the Darshan as well along with the seva. The TTD will be releasing the tickets every three months once on the TTD online website. The pilgrims can visit the website or app and can book the Seva and Darshan

The pilgrims once finish booking for the seva, they can select the Darshan date online. A Special Darshan ticket will be provided for the pilgrims who have booked for the seva. Pilgrims need not pay for the Special Darshan ticket and the ticket is included in the Seva tickets itself.

The pilgrims can take the Special Darshan tickets and can go for the Darshan on the specified date.

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  1. I have booked virtual seva on 31-Oct-23 and booked for darshan on 1-Nov-23. Can this be used for the lord’s darshan? I see that in the ticket it is mentioned as Special entry Darshan – Online Participation and hence checking

  2. If i have book Seva ticket on 08th Sep 2023, where darshanam available for 5th Sep 2023, i can book before the Seva ticket


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