Tirupati Jungle Book Timings Today Waterfalls Visiting Hours Daily

Know the details about the Tirupati Jungle Book Timings Today Waterfalls Visiting Hours Daily, Tirupati Eco Park Timings Today Near Kapila Theertham

Jungle Book is an eco-park which is established in Tirupati. The Jungle Book is located near the Kapila Theertham temple. The Jungle Book is established to make pilgrims, tourists and visitors experience nature. The Jungle Book is designed like a park with natural trees, bridges, ponds and waterfalls. The pilgrims can see the complete nature of the Seshachalam forests from the Jungle book. The hills of Tirumala will be very near to see in Jungle Book as it is constructed near the foot of the Seshachalam hills

The pilgrims can also reach the Malwadigudi and also the Kapila Thertham waterfalls from the Jungle Book. The Jungle Book any day of the year. But during the Monsoons seasons, the Jungle Book will be closed for the public. During the heavy rains the Jungle Book will be flooded with rains and water flooding. So the pilgrims need to visit the timings which the Jungle Book is booked.

Tirupati Jungle Book Timings Today Waterfalls Visiting Hours Daily

  • The Jungle Book Tirupati eco-park is opened to the public from morning 9 AM. The Jungle Book will be closed at 5 PM daily.
  • The visitors can come to the Jungle Book can get a ticket at the entrance of the Jungle Book. The ticket counter will provide the ticket for the same
  • The pilgrims and the visitors can view the complete Jungle Book without any restrictions till evening. The visitors can reach the Kapila theertham and the Malwadigundam waterfalls with a short hike from the entrance
  • The pilgrims are not allowed to take baths or dip or enter into the ponds and also the waterfalls near the Jungle Book. The pilgrims have to be careful not to venture into the deep forest.

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