Tirupati to Tirumala Bus Timings Free Tickets Price APSRTC Stand

Know the details about the Tirupati to Tirumala Bus Timings Free Tickets Price APSRTC Stand, Tirupati Bus Stand Timings for Tirumala Buses

The pilgrims who want to travel to Tirumala can travel by two options. The first and the best option is to travel to Tirupati to Tirumala by the APSRTC buses and then second one is thought provte vehocles. The pilgrims who want travel to Tirumala by the bus can reach the bus stand in Tirumala and can take the buses. The buses are available for the pilgrims from the start of the day. Most of the pilgrims who will be travelling to Tirumala from Tirupati will be choosing to travel in buses only. The starting point of the buses to Tirumala from Tirupati is from the Tirupati Bus stand

The Tirupati Bus stand is a major bus stand which houses three complexes. One of them is for the buses which travel Tirumala with pilgrims. Any pilgrims who come to Tirupati by bus will be reaching the Tirupati bus stand only as the final point. From here the pilgrims can take the buses which travel from Tirupati to Tirumala

Tirupati to Tirumala Bus Timings Free Tickets Price APSRTC Stand

  • There will be buses to Tirumala from Tirupati as early as in the morning 4 Am. THen there will be buses to Tirumala every 15 minutes till night 9 PM. Later on, the ghat roads will be closed for the vehicles
  • The pilgrims can book bus tickets online also. From the APSRTC official website. The pilgrims can book the tickets at the bus stand itself. As soon as the pilgrims reach the Tirumala bus stand they can locate the buses for Tirumala. The pilgrims can reach the Tirumala bus complex and can purchase the tickets.
  • Once the pilgrims purchase the ticket. They can take the next bus to Tirumala which is waiting. The ticket price for the travel will be for one way and also for return as well
  • The total travel from Tirupati bus stand to Tirumala takes about 1 hour for the pilgrims to travel in the APSRTC buses

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