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Tiruttani Abhishekam Tickets Online Booking

Tiruttani Abhishekam Tickets Online Booking

For the devotees who worship Lord Murugan Tiruttani is the main place of worship. Everyday, thousands of pilgrims throng Tiruttani to worship Lord Murugan. Out of all the seva performed to the Lord Murugan in Tiruttani Abhishekam is the most sacred one. Pilgrims can pay for the abhishekam and can perform the seva in the Tiruttani Temple.

Tiruttani Abhishekam Timings

The Abhishekam in Tiruttani is performed daily for 3 times. 8 AM; 12 PM and 5 PM. Pilgrims who want to participate for the Abhishekam can book any timings of their preference.

Tiruttani Abhishekam Tickets Online Booking Procedure

Pilgrims can book for Tiruttani Abhishekam near the temple itself from the counter by paying in cash based on availability. However, it is suggested to book the seva online before visiting the temple. Pilgrims can fill all their details and can book for the Tiruttani abhishekam from the link here. Click Here to book for the Tiruttani Abhishekam.

Pilgrims can book using Credit Card / Debit Card / Net Banking for next 30 days based on the availability. Tickets once booked cannot be cancelled.

Tiruttani Abhishekam Tickets Price

The cost of the Ticket of the Abhishekam at Tiruttani is Rs. 1500 for 2 people. The duration of the Seva is 30-40 minutes. The pilgrims who has booked for the Abhishekam can collect the Prasadam from the Prasadam counter.




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