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Tiruttani Temple Tonsure Timings

Tiruttani Temple Tonsure

Tiruttani temple is the most famous temple for Lord Murugam. This is temple of the temple in the five temple dedicated to Lord Murugan. Every year lakhs of pilgrims visit the TIruttani temple to offer their offering and also seeks blessings of Lord Murugan. Lord Murugan is also family god of many families in Tamilnadu and surroundings. Every year thousands of people offer Hair with the Tonsure to Lord Murugan. Know more details about the Tiruttani Temple Tonsure Timings, Price and Procedure.

The Tiruttani temple authorities has established a Tonsure hall for the pilgrims to do the Tonsure. There are many barbers working here under the temple authority. Pilgrims who offers the hair in this hall will be offered to Lord Murugan. Please note, Tiruttani temple is well known for its unorganized way of procedures and money looting from officials itself. So be prepared to spend money when you visit the temple irrespective of the temple official prices.

Tiruttani Temple Tonsure Timings

Tiruttani Temple Tonsure hall Timings are from 06 AM – 04 PM daily. Please note during the festivals and important dates the tonsure hall might be closed unannounced. So, if you are planning to visit the Tiruttani temple for Tonsure, you have to plan in a non busy day.

Tiruttani Temple Tonsure Price

The official price of the Tiruttani Temple Tonsure is Rs. 20 for the Tonsure. But unofficially Barbers asks for Rs. 100-Rs. 500. Pilgrims cannot do anything about this and has to pay the amount they demand.

Tiruttani Temple Tonsure Hall Location

The location of the Tiruttani Temple Tonsure Hall will be just at the entrance of temple on the hill above. Please note the Tonsure hall will be above the hill of Lord Murugan and is an isolated building. There are washrooms available with cold water to take bath at the temple after the Tonsure.

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