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Tiruvannamalai Girivalam Dates And Timings 2024 Arunachala

Know the details about the Tiruvannamalai Girivalam Dates And Timings 2024 Arunachala, 2024 Tiruvannamalai Giri Pradakshina Dates Timings

Tiruvannamalai Girivalam is the trekking or the walking that the pilgrims will be taking round the Arunachala hill. The Arunachala hill is located in the Tiruvannmalai and the pilgrims will be considering this hill as sacred. The pilgrims will be taking the pradakshina of the Tiruvannamalai hill which the pilgrims call as the Tiruvannamalai Girivalam or the Giri Pradakshina. The pilgrims can take the Tiruvannamalai Girivalam on any day. The Tiruvannamalai Girivalam will be opened for the pilgrims always. But the pilgrims consider it is good to take the Tiruvannamalai Girivalam on the Full moon day. So on this day the pilgrims will be coming to the Tiruvannamalai Girivalam and will be taking up the trekking around the hill. The dates for the year 2024 for the Tiruvannamalai Girivalam are as below.

Tiruvannamalai Girivalam Dates And Timings 2024 Arunachala

For the year 2024, the pilgrims can do the Tiruvannamalai Girivalam on the below dates. There are no particular timings for the Tiruvannamalai Girivalam. The pilgrims allowed for the trek anytime. The pilgrims can go in the Full Moon timings. So the pilgrims will be going to the Tiruvannamalai Girivalam at the night. Mostly, the Tiruvannamalai Girivalam timings will be from 06.00 AM – 06.00 PM. The pilgrims can easily take the trekking as it is on the road.

January 25, 2024 Thursday
February 24, 2024 Satyrday
March 24, 2024 Sunday
March 25, 2024 Monday
April 23, 2024 Tuesday
May 23, 2024 Thursday
June 21, 2024 Friday
June 22, 2024 Saturday
July 21, 2024 Sunday
August 19, 2024 Monday
September 17, 2024 Tuesday
September 18, 2024 Wednesday
October 17, 2024 Thursday
November 15, 2024 Friday
December 15, 2024 Sunday

The pilgrims can visit the temple after the Tiruvannamalai Girivalam is completed. The timings of the temple will be the same as the normal days. So the pilgrims should visit the temple on the next day or the before day of the Tiruvannamalai Girivalam.

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