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TrueLife Homestays Tirupati Review Contact Number Booking Price

Know the details about the TrueLife Homestays Tirupati Review Contact Number Booking Price, Tirumala Homestay Online Booking in Budget with Discount

Tirumala temple is visited by many pilgrims every day. Most of the pilgrims stay in rooms which are booked from the TTD or other Hotels. There are many hotels in Tirupati which provide accommodation for the pilgrims for the lowest price. In the current growth scenario, Tirupati city is getting an even bigger hotel brand. These hotels will be able to provide luxury accommodation to the pilgrims. But other than hotels and also the rooms by the TTD, the Homestay market is also booming in Tirupati. Many apartments in Tirupati are being converted as Homestay for the pilgrims.

There are many homestays in Tirupati for the pilgrims. Many of the Homestays in Tirupati and in business are just for namesake or for the benefit of the property. There are only some properties which properly maintain as Homestays. TrueLife Homestay is one such Homestay in Tirupati.

TrueLife Homestays Tirupati Review Contact Number Booking Price

TrueLife Homestays Tirupati Review: 4.8/5

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  • The Price of the TrueLife Homestays starts from Rs 3400 and more family of 4 members. There are also bigger rooms in the TrueLife Homestays for the pilgrims with more numbers.
  • The pilgrims can book the Rooms Online and offline in TrueLife Homestays. For Online Booking, the pilgrims can book in many third-party platforms or else the pilgrims can book directly from the official website

TrueLife Homestays Facilities

  • Kitchen for each Rooms
  • Well Furnished Bathrooms
  • Balcony for all the rooms
  • Rooms with Mountain view
  • Rooms with Landmark view
  • Rooms with City view
  • AC Facility for all the Rooms
  • Flat-screen TV
  • Soundproofing
  • Access to Terrace
  • Coffee machine
  • Free WiFi

There are many other facilities in the Rooms TrueLife Homestay in Tirupati which can accommodate up to even 10 people. The pilgrims who wanted to stay in the TrueLife Homestay can book it even calling the Phone Number of the Homestay. The TrueLife Homestay is also located in the Prime area in Tirupati city which provides the pilgrim’s access to many facilities.

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