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TTD Darshan For Medical Cancer Heart Patients Online Booking

Know the latest details about the TTD Darshan For Medical Cancer Heart Patients Online Booking, Tirumala Darshan for Medical Cases Procedure

The Tirumala temple authorities will always be striving to provide a better Darshan option for the pilgrims. In this scheme only, the TTD has introduced the Special Darshan option for the pilgrims who comes under severe medical cases. The pilgrims who have severe medical issues can book the Darshan provided under the PHC quota. The pilgrims who are heart patients, cancer patients and also many other severe illnesses can avail the Darshan under this process. Please note, the pilgrims who have booked for the Darshan under this quota have to provide relevant medical documents during the entry. If the pilgrims fail to provide the documents which satisfies the authorities then the pilgrims will be denied of the Darshan

The pilgrims can book for this quota now online for the Darshan. The Darshan quota will be released every month for the next month. once the Darshan quota is released the pilgrims can book the Darshan online. The pilgrims need to carry the relevant documents for the same

TTD Darshan For Medical Cancer Heart Patients Online Booking

  • To book for this Darshan first the pilgrims need to assess themselves if they fall into this category of the Severe medical illness quota darshan. Then the pilgrims need to arrange all the medical documents explaining the severity
  • The Severity should be to the extent to explain that the pilgrims cannot wait long hours in the Darshan queue for the Darshan. The pilgrims are generally cancer Patients, heart Patients, asthma Patients or any other terminal illness or the disability can avail this Darshan
  • The tickets will be released every month for this Darshan for the dates of the next month. The pilgrims can go to the TTD Website or the app and can book for the Darshan when they are released
  • This Darshan is provided free of cost for the pilgrims. The pilgrims need to provide the documents at the entry for the verification.

Click Here to Book for the TTD Darshan for the Severe Illness Patients



  1. I heart patient ,my wife and daughter Asthuma patients how book darshan tickets on 29.07.23.plz let me know how go about it


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