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TTD Online Kalyanam Booking Procedure Tirumala

TTD Online Kalyanam

Tirumala is well known for the every day Kalyanam or Kalyanothsavam Seva performed in the temple daily. The temple has been performing the Kalyanam in ekantham since March without pilgrims. This has been decided due to the COVID 19 pandemic. But in an epic decision and for the first time in the history of the Tirumala temple, the temple authorities has decided to perform the Kalyanam seva online. This has been decided due to many requests from the pilgrims to perform the seva online.

How the TTD Online Kalyanam is performed

  • Pilgrims has to book the book the tickets from
  • Then the pilgrims has to present before the TV Sets with SVBC Channel at 12 PM on the day of the seva booking from their homes.
  • Only two members sankalpam will be provided per tickets and it is done in first 10 minutes
  • Pilgrims has to follow the instructions of the Priest on the TV and has to perform the same in their home
  • For the pilgrims who has brought the tickets, one upper cloth, one blouse, prasadam and one akshintalu packet is sent to their address to post free of cost. This will be sent to pilgrims only residing in India
  • The list of names of the pilgrims will be kept at the feet of the lord on the day of the seva at Tirumala

TTD Online Kalyanam Booking Procedure Tirumala

To book the Online Kalyanam Seva pilgrims has to visit the above link and has to select the date of the seva. Each ticket of the Online Kalyanam is Rs. 1000 for two people. The pilgrims has to fill details like Gothram, Phone Number and Address and has to finish the payment. Once the payment is completed online, the pilgrims can follow the above procedure to perform the Online Kalyanam at their home. Please note, this Online Kalyanam has to be performed in the home only and the pilgrims need not to visit the temple in person.



  1. Why are some kalyanotsavam tickets are blocked in August 2023 for Sri vari temple
    {i.e Aug – 27,28,29 } When will be they released?


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