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TTD Panchangam 2022-23 Online

TTD Panchangam 2022-23 Online as below provides the information about the Tirumala Panchangam released every year. Every year for the festival of Ugadi the TTD authorities releases panchangam for that particular Ugadi calender year. This Panchangam is released in Telugu, Kannada and Tamil Languages. Pilgrims who are following the TTD Panchangam can download the panchangam from TTD Website.

The TTD Panchangam can be accessed in two ways. Pilgrims can buy the Panchangam hard copy from the TTD Publication centers throughout the country. Pilgrims can also place the order for the copy of the panchangam online on the TTD Official website. The Panchangam once ordered will be delivered to the pilgrims.

TTD Panchangam 2022-23 Online

Alternatively pilgrims can also download the Panchangam from the TTD Official ebooks website. But this online version of the Panchangam will not be immedaitely available. It will be available after some days of the Ugadi every year. We cannot predict the date from which the Panchangam will be available online. But mostly within 1 month of the completion of the Ugadi 2022 the panchangam will be uplaoded in to the TTD Website.

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Once the Panchangam is available, the copies will be available to purchase in the TTD Website. Please note, the TTD has all rights to remove the panchangam from sale anytime. So, as of now the Panchangam are available. But TTD will be not be responsible for the non availanility of the Panchangam.

But the Panchangam will be available throughout all the Publications centers in the country. Pilgrims can also puchase the hard copy of the panchangam from the Tirumala temple and also the main publication office in Tirupati. The TTD Panchangam is mostly followed in the telugu states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana due to its accuracy. Also, please note, donot purchase or obtain the Panchangam through anyone except the vendors approved by the TTD.




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