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TTD Panchangam 2023 Ugadi PDF Tirumala Sobhakritu Online

Know the latest details about the TTD Panchangam 2023 Ugadi PDF Tirumala Sobhakritu Online, 2023 – 2024 Sobhakritu Year TTD Panchangam

Every year for Ugadi day the TTD will releasing the Panchangam for the pilgrims. The ye ar 2023, the year is named the Sobhakritu year. The pilgrims can get the TTD panchangam in online or can get the Panchangam PDF from the TTD official website. TTD panchangam is the most followed one for astrology and other needs of spiritual things. Many pilgrims will be purchasing the TTD panchangam every year. The Panchangam from the TTD in Tirumala comes with well-printed book and is available at the majority of the Tirumala temples and also publication houses.

Click Here to Access the 2023 Telugu Ugadi Panchangam

TTD Panchangam 2023 Ugadi PDF Tirumala Sobhakritu Online

  • The year 2023 – 2024 is named the Sobhakritu year for the Ugadi. The year will be valid from Ugadi 2023 to Ugadi 2024. This is the reason, the Tirumala panchangam is available for the Sobhakritu year
  • Every year, the TTD Tirumala Panchangam will be available in two versions. One version will be the PDF format which is available on the temple website. The other version is the hardcopy version which is available in the publication houses
  • The pilgrims need to note that the hard copy PDF version of the TTD Panchangam is available in the Publication houses and also Tirumala book stalls
  • The pilgrims can purchase the Panchangam directly or else the pilgrims buy the panchangam online from the TTD official website
  • The panchangam will be available on the official website from some days of ugadi
  • The pilgrims need to finish the payment online to get the Panchangam purchase online. Once the payment is confirmed online the pilgrims can get the panchangam delivered directly to their home
  • The pilgrims can also download the PDF version of the Tirumala Panchangam online at the TTD official website. The Online Panchangam will be available after some days of Ugadi.

Click Here to Download the Tirumala Panchangam PDF Online When available




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