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TTD Tirumala Copper Bottles Steel Online Booking Buy Offer Price

Know the details about the TTD Tirumala Copper Bottles Steel Online Booking Buy Offer Price, Tirumala Temple Copper and Steel Bottles Purchase Guide

Tirumala temple is run by the authority which is called as the TTD. The TTD will be taking care of all the initiations and also all the works regarding the Tirumala temple and also for the pilgrims who come to the Tirumala. The TTD has took the environmental issues and also the pollution which is happening in the Tirumala temple very seriously. Owing to this, the TTD has took decision to ban all the plastic items in Tirumala. The pilgrims who come to the Tirumala temple are not allowed to carry any plastic items to Tirumala including the Plastic water bottles

The TTD has introduced the Glass bottles system in Tirumala where the pilgrims can rent the Glass bottles for drinking in Tirumala. The pilgrims can use the RO Water which is provided to pilgrims throughout the Tirumala for drinking purposes. The TTD has now took a decision to sell copper and steel bottles in Tirumala for the pilgrims.

TTD Tirumala Copper Bottles Steel Online Booking Buy Offer Price

  • TTD will be selling the Copper Water bottles and also the Steel water bottles to the pilgrims who wanted to purchase the bottles in Tirumala. The bottles are sold at very less price in Tirumala.
  • The Price of the Tirumala TTD Copper Bottle is Rs 450 and the Price of the TTD Steel Water Bottle in Rs 200.
  • The pilgrims can come to Tirumala and can check with the Jala Prasadam counters where the bottles are sold. For now, the TTD has restricted the online booking of the bottles. The pilgrims can only purchase the Copper bottles offline at the Tirumala temple only
  • The pilgrims can choose any bottles like copper and also steel water bottles. The pilgrims can carry the water in these water bottles in Tirumala. This also helps the TTD to do the Dharma Pracharam as the part of the new initiation. The Water bottles in Tirumala comes with the Logo of the TTD.

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