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TTD Tirumala COVID 19 Rules

TTD Tirumala COVID 19 Rules will allow all pilgrims to have Darshan without any hassle. The below information will provide the pilgrims how to visit Tirumala by following all the COVID 19 Rules and Regulations. Pilgrims who are planning to visit Tirumala temple has to follow below COVID rules as per the Tirumala Temple authorities.

TTD Tirumala COVID 19 Rules

  • Pilgrims who want to visit Tirumala has to be Fully Vaccinated. Means the pilgrims has to have been vaccinated with two doses of any COVID vaccine. Pilgrims even with one dosage also will not be allowed. Pilgrims has to produce full vaccination report at the time of booking and Darshan.
  • Pilgrims should have fever, cough or any related ailments or symptoms.
  • Pilgrims from the states which has high cases of COVID are not allowed at any cost.
  • Pilgrims has to definitely have a Darshan ticket booked for the Tirumala Darshan before coming to Tirumala.
  • Pilgrims should not be above above 60 years of age and children below 10 years is not suggested to be taken to the Darshan
  • Pilgrims should follow all TTD Rules of COVID

TTD authorities has decided to release 8000 Free Darshan or Sarva Darshan tickets every day online. The tickets are released on the TTD website. Pilgrims has to book either Sarva Darshan or else Rs. 300 Special Darshan to visit Tirumala. The pilgrims who dont have any ticket will not be allowed to visit Tirumala temple at any Cost.

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Pilgrims has to take care of themselves to visit  the temple. Its highly suggested not to visit the temple unless you feel it is must. Because the Tirumala temple is foreseeing huge number of pilgrims as soon as the Darshan rues has been relaxed. Pilgrims has to be very careful with COVID. Pilgrim can book any Darshan ticket to Visit the temple.



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