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Ugadi 2022 Aadayam Vyayam 2022-2023

Ugadi 2022 Aadayam Vyayam 2022-2023 as below provides the details about Aadayam Vyayam and also the remaining factors for all the Zodiac signs as per the Ugadi 2022 Panchangam. The Ugadi every year marks the starting of a new year for the Telugu People. Every year, as per the Telugu calender the Year is calculated from this year to next year and this is celebrated by the day of the Telugu New Year which is Ugadi. People who follow the Telugu culture will be following the Telugu calendar which is also called as the panchangam.

The panchangam provides the details about the various astrology factors, planet positions and their effects on the different people and zodiac signs. This year, the name of the Year is the Subhakruthu. Every year is named after a name as per the Telugu traditions and there are 64 names which gets repeated for every 64 years. That means the year which is named today will be named again after 64 years.

Ugadi 2022 Aadayam Vyayam 2022-2023

The Aadayam Vyayam is the chart showing the effect of that particular year for the people with that zodiac signs. The Aadayam Vyayam means the earning and loosing for that particular year. These can be situations the person can get through. The Aadayam Vyayam for years 2022-23 as per the different panchangam is as below

Aadyam Vyayam Rajapujyam Avamanam
Mesham 14 14 3 6
Vrushabham 8 8 6 6
Midhunam 11 5 2 2
Karkatakam 5 5 5 2
Simham 8 14 1 5
Kanya 11 5 4 5
Thula 8 8 7 5
Vruschikam 14 14 3 1
Dhanussu 2 8 6 1
Makaram 5 2 2 4
Kumbham 5 2 5 4
Meenam 2 8 1 7

The Aadayam Vyayam chart of the different zodiac signs which is also called as the Rasi is as above. The Zodiac signs are named in Telugu standards and in English. The names of the Zodiac signs used for Aadayam Vyayam can be found online in English. This is a major part of the panchangam which is about the Aadayam Vyayam. People generally know about the Aadayam Vyayam in the panchangam and will read about their horoscope for the year on the Ugadi day.

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