Ugadi 2023 Date In Andhra Pradesh Telugu Calendar Panchangam

Know the details about the Ugadi 2023 Date In Andhra Pradesh Telugu Calendar Panchangam, Ugadi Telugu 2023 Date Panchangam Timings Pooja Online

Ugadi festival is an important festival for the Telugu people. The Ugadi festival marks the start of the New Year as per the Telugu Panchangam. The Ugadi festival is celebrated only by the Telugu people throughout the world. The Ugadi festival for the Telugu people is the annual festival. The Ugadi festival occurs based on the Panchangam. So the date will be decided based on the Panchangam and not by the Calender date. The people who want to celebrate the Ugadi festival will be celebrating based on this date only.

Each and every year of the Telugu years are named different names. The names of the Ugadi year is repetitive. The names will be repeated every 64 years. The Ugadi panchangam of the old year will be completed on this day. There will be a new Panchangam for the new year for the Ugadi festival from this day

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Ugadi 2023 Date In Andhra Pradesh Telugu Calendar Panchangam

The Ugadi 2023 date is on March 22, 2023, Wednesday for Andhra Pradesh as per the Telugu Calender and also the Telugu Panchangam.

  • Telugu people all over the world will be celebrating the Ugadi festival on this day. The people will be celebrating the Ugadi festival with the preparation of the Ugadi Pachandi
  • The people also will do the reading of the Panchangam for the New year. The Ugadi festival also marks the end of the old year in many cultures apart from the Telugu calendar.
  • There is various types of Ugadi Panchangam that the pilgrims can follow and also buy online. Please note, the Ugadi Panchangam will be mostly in the Telugu language only.
  • Some people will also be visiting the Temples on the Ugadi festival.

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