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Vaikunta Ekadasi Pooja Vidhanam Mukkoti Fasting Procedure

Know the latest details about the Vaikunta Ekadasi Pooja Vidhanam Mukkoti Fasting Procedure, Mukkoti Ekadasi Puja Process at Home Easy

According to the teachings of the pundits, if you perform pooja and initiate a fast on the day of Mukkoti Ekadashi or Vaikunta Ekadasi, not only will your sins be cleansed, but you will also reach Ashtaishwarya. Performing pujas and making contributions on this Ekadashi will grant you the same amount of merit as they would on any other Ekadashi throughout the year.

On this day, it is thought that one can atone for the sins of seven lifetimes by performing even the most menial of charitable acts.

Vaikunta Ekadasi Pooja Vidhanam Mukkoti Fasting Procedure

  • On the day of Vaikuntha Ekadashi, it is important to get up before sunrise and take a bath. In the pooja room, which has been cleaned ahead of time.
  • If mango leaves can be knotted together to form arches, then you should do that. To finish, sprinkle some ground turmeric and top with saffron leaves. Worship the idol of Lord Vishnu by continuing to display it in your home.
  • Perform your worship using Tulasi leaves and flowers. It is a common practice in puja to place flower petals, one at a time, on the statue of Swami or on the feet of Swami. It is believed that this will cause Swami to feel happiness as he looks at the offering.
  • There are puja reading books that are specifically designed for the act of worshipping the Lord. They are able to be purchased and worshipped. Or otherwise… you can make puja as you like by sprinkling flowers while thinking of Lord. All of the senses ought to be elevated and revered, irrespective of the method that is utilised, provided that the mind is clear.
  • After this, the fruit of the puja will supposedly be obtained, according to the pundits. If you perform puja at the same time that you are drinking tulsi tirtha during the initiation, you will have successful outcomes.

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