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Vontimitta Sri Rama Kalyanam 2024 Prasadam Booking Online List

Know the details about the Vontimitta Sri Rama Kalyanam 2024 Prasadam Booking Online List, Vontimitta Sri Rama Kalyanam 2024 Prasadam Cost

Divine Blessings Delivered: Vontimitta Sri Rama Kalyanam 2024 Prasadam Booking Guide

The Vontimitta Sri Rama Kalyanam, celebrated in the serene premises of the Kodanda Rama Temple in Andhra Pradesh, is a spectacle of faith and devotion, commemorating the sacred union of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita. An integral part of this celestial event is the distribution of ‘Prasadam,’ a sanctified offering believed to carry the blessings of the deities. In 2024, devotees who cannot attend the event in person have the blessed opportunity to book Prasadam online, ensuring they can partake in the divine grace from anywhere in the world. Here’s how you can secure your share of this divine offering.

Vontimitta Sri Rama Kalyanam 2024 Prasadam Booking Online List

About Prasadam

Prasadam at the Vontimitta Sri Rama Kalyanam is not just food; it’s a tangible representation of divine blessings. Prepared with utmost care and sanctity, the Prasadam includes an assortment of items, each symbolizing various aspects of spiritual well-being and prosperity.

List of Prasadam Items

While the specific items of Prasadam can vary, they typically include:

  • Laddu: A sweet delicacy symbolizing happiness and joy.
  • Vada: Representing health and strength.
  • Pulihora (Tamarind Rice): Denoting longevity and contentment.
  • Jaggery Rice: For sweetness in life.

Online Booking

Understanding the desire of devotees to receive Prasadam, the temple authorities have facilitated an online booking system. This initiative allows devotees, irrespective of their geographic location, to be a part of the divine festivities.

Click Here to Book for the Vontimitta Sri Rama Kalyanam 2024 Prasadam Online

Booking Cost

The cost for Prasadam booking depends on the package selected. Each package is priced to ensure it is accessible to a wide range of devotees, reflecting the inclusive spirit of the event.

Booking Procedure

  1. Access the Official Portal: Visit the official website designated for the Vontimitta Sri Rama Kalyanam.
  2. Navigate to Prasadam Booking: Look for the Prasadam booking section and click on it.
  3. Select Package: Choose from the available Prasadam packages based on your preference.
  4. Fill in Details: Enter necessary information such as name, address, and contact details.
  5. Complete Payment: Proceed to payment through the secure online payment gateway.
  6. Booking Confirmation: Receive a confirmation of your booking via email or SMS.

Delivery Details

  • Domestic Delivery: Prasadam will be dispatched to the address provided during booking, ensuring devotees within India can receive the blessings.
  • International Delivery: Check the website for options regarding international delivery, as this may vary based on logistical capabilities.

Things to Know

  • Advance Booking: Due to high demand, it’s advisable to book your Prasadam well in advance.
  • Keep Confirmation Handy: Save your booking confirmation as it may be required for reference.
  • Check Delivery Status: Most platforms provide a tracking option to check the delivery status of your Prasadam.


Q: Can I book Prasadam for multiple addresses? A: Yes, you can place multiple bookings for different addresses, ensuring each booking procedure is completed separately.

Q: Is there a refund policy for Prasadam booking? A: Typically, Prasadam bookings are non-refundable due to the costs involved in preparation and delivery. However, check the official terms for specific details.

Q: How long before the event should I book the Prasadam? A: It’s recommended to book at least a month in advance, allowing sufficient time for preparation and dispatch.

Booking Prasadam for the Vontimitta Sri Rama Kalyanam 2024 is a beautiful way to connect with the divine, transcending physical distances. Whether you seek blessings for yourself or wish to gift divine grace to loved ones, Prasadam booking ensures that the sanctity and blessings of this auspicious event reach every devotee’s doorstep.

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