VVGH Guest House TTD Tirumala Rooms Online Booking Facilities

Know the details about VVGH Guest House TTD Tirumala Rooms Online Booking Facilities, Tirumala VVGH Rest House Rooms Online Booking CRO Office

Many pilgrims come to the Tirumala temple for te Darshan of the Lord Venkateswara. Some pilgrims will be able to complete the Darshan of the Lord in just one day and also in the specified time planned. But many times, the Darshan will not go as per the plan of the pilgrims and the pilgrims will be facing delays. The situation at the Tirumala temple will be changing daily. So the pilgrims cannot estimate at which time the pilgrims complete the Darshan. For this purpose, the pilgrim’s book rooms in the Tirumala to stay if the Darshan becomes late. The pilgrims can stay in the rest houses rooms in Tirumala temple and can go back to their homes.

VVGH Guest House TTD Tirumala Rooms Online Booking Facilities

The rooms in Tirumala make the pilgrims take some rest after the Darshan and also take more time and visit the nearby places in Tirumala. For this purpose, the TTD has built many rest houses for the pilgrims. The VVGH Guest House in Tirumala is also one of the rest houses in Tirumala which can accommodate the pilgrims.

  • The pilgrims can book the VVGH Guest House Online or offline. For the Online Booking of the VVGH Guest House, the pilgrims has to visit the Tirumala temple’s official TTD website and then book the rooms.
  • The rooms on the website will be released every 3 months and the pilgrims can book the rooms when they are available. The VVGH Guest House is available for the pilgrims for advance booking.
  • The pilgrims can also book the rooms in the VVGH Guest House in Tirumala after coming to the Tirumala. The pilgrims can book for the rooms at the CRO office after reaching the temple.
  • But the rooms in the VVGH Guest House in Tirumala cannot be assigned to the pilgrims specifically. The rooms will be assigned only when the rooms are available at the rest house

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