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Devlok – World’s First Spiritual Theme Park Tirupati Tirumala

Devlok – India’s First Spiritual Theme Park Tirupati Tirumala

In the quota of Tourist corridor, Vaishnovi Versatile Ventures Private Limited is promoting the Devlok Project and has undertook the project of Devlok which is India’s first Spiritual Theme Park. The Park is being constructed in Tirupati, with a huge budget and a vast area. Upon construction, Devlok can be World’s first spiritual theme park. Right now, Devlok is in construction in 38 acres of land on Alipiri – SV Zoo Park Road and is expected to complete by 2019. Devlok is the first attempt in man’s civilised history to bring the epics of Hinduism alive here.

What is Devlok and what can be expected?

Devlok is a spiritual theme park, where the complete Hindu puranas and epics takes a shape. Devlok consists of Sriharidham — miniature replicas of 108 great temples of India, along with Asta Dasha Sakthi Peeth-ams, Dwadasi Jyothira Lingas, live Vishnu Pancha Bhoomika, Shiva Bhoomika, Devi Bhoomika temples and world’s biggest diya, kundalini tower, moksha bell, nirvana, Bharat spiritual museum, spiritual library, spiritual merchandising, spiritual gardens etc), Divya Desam tower where Venkateswara Mahatvara rides on ground floor, Dashavataram 10-D virtual reality arena on first floor, Viswa Karma temple architecture museum on second floor, Sri Devi Bhuvana Kosha Prasad temple on third floor, Viswam–Vedic Cosmology Experience on fourth floor, Himagiri – ice temples along with snow park and snow restaurant would be featured.

After completion, it might become India top theme park which enhances on Spirituality, Business and Leisure.

For a Glimpse of Devlok, Check out Official Website here



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