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Yama Deepam 2022 Date Timings Direction Mantra Tamil Calendar

Know the latest details about the Yama Deepam 2022 Date Timings Direction Mantra Tamil Calendar, Yama Deepam Festival 2022 Details Pooja

On the evening before Diwali, it is traditional to light the Yama Deepam lamp. If Yama Deepam is lit, there will be plenty of wealth for the family. The company will make development. In addition to the addition of assets, matrimonial impediments will be eliminated. It is guaranteed that every hurdle will be erased, and possibilities will present themselves without fail.

During your time in Mahalaya, your ancestors will visit this world. On the day of the Mahalaya Amavasi, you will offer them Tithi. Only “Yama Deepam” can serve as a source of illumination for those who return. It is important to ignite the Deepam on the Thiryodasi tithi, which occurs during the Diwali holiday.

The Yama Deepa practice is very significant for mourners. They will quit causing you issues and will ultimately be beneficial to you.

It is customary to light the Yama Deepam in the most elevated section of the home. The wick of the lamp should be positioned so that it burns to the south. Following the lighting of the lamp, you should spend a few minutes meditating on your ancestors as well as the Hindu sacrificers.

Yama Deepam 2022 Date Timings Direction Mantra Tamil Calendar

Yama Deepam 2022 Date is on October 22, 2022, Saturday. Yama Deepam Timings 06:02 PM to 07:04 PM. The Yama Deepan will be lit in the early morning times as well in some places in the Brahma Muhurtham.

The direction of the Yama Deepam will be in the North Corner of the house. Mruthyunjaya Mantra can be recited after lighting the Yama Deepam

  • On the festival of Diwali, it is thought that the pitrus will joyfully accept our pooja and offerings, bless us, and then return to their world. Because of this, it is imperative that worship be performed for Pitrus throughout the Diwali holiday. As a result, we are able to receive the complete blessing of our ancestors who have passed away.
  • Even though the Shastra does not mention lighting the Madhapp or letting off loud crackers during the Diwali holiday, some people believe that it is essential to do so. We have high hopes that our sons and daughters who have been sent to earth will make good use of the faith that we demonstrate to them in order to make progress on the path that leads to paradise.

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