Yatri Nivas Sringeri Rooms Online Booking Pricing Facilities Phone

Know the details about the Yatri Nivas Sringeri Rooms Online Booking Pricing Facilities Phone, Sringeri Temple Yatri Nivasa Rooms Booking Process

Sringeri Temple is the abode of the Lord Sharada Devi. The Lord here is considered as the most powerful god for the pilgrims and this is the reason, the temple is visited by lakhs of pilgrims per day. The temple will be doing many poojas and also many seva for the Lord daily. The Sringeri temple is located in the middle of the western ghats in the state of Karnataka. The pilgrims will be able to reach the Sringeri temple using the amazing Ghat road from the nearest town. The Sringeri town is also the abode of the Sharada Peetam which is a very important ashram in the country.

Many pilgrims who come to the Sringeri temple will be coming for the Darshan and also a special pooja in the temple. In most cases, the pilgrims will be coming for the special seva in the temple. The Special seva will be performed in the temple almost daily. The pilgrims sometimes cannot finish the Darshan or the seva in the temple in one day. In this case, the pilgrims may need to stay in the temple for more than one day.

Yatri Nivas Sringeri Rooms Online Booking Pricing Facilities Phone

  • For the benefit of the pilgrims, the temple has built some rest houses where the pilgrims can book the rooms. The Yatri Nivas is one of the rest houses which is built for the pilgrims who wanted to stay in the temple.
  • Yatri Nivas in the Sringeri is maintained by the temple. There are AC and Non AC rooms in the Sringeri Yatri Nivas. The pilgrims can go to the temple rest house and can book the rooms
  • The Pricing of the AC Rooms is Rs 1000 and the Price of the Non AC Rooms in the Yatri Nivas is Rs 500 per day. Please note, the temple pricing is tentative and will change without any notice.
  • The Rooms in the Yatri Nivas come with standard facilities like Rooms, Attached washrooms and heater facilities.

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